Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25 january 2011 - sick of winter

hello, bloggers!
Today I was in school. Here's how i knew that it was not necessary in the morning to wake up. Felt that something bad will happen. And so it happened. Already at the first lesson, I asked. I was not prepared to answer, homework was not done. Oops! Something like answered. I do not think that my answer was so good.

Today I realized how I envy those people who live in hot countries and cities. They are very lucky. I do not like frost. And in my town is very cold now. I'm sick of winter.


Сегодня я была в школе. Вот как знала, что не надо было с утра просыпаться. Чувствовала, что что-то нехорошее произойдет. Так и получилось. Уже на первом занятии меня спросили. Я была не готова к ответу, домашнее задание не было сделано. Ой! Кое-как ответила. Не думаю, что ответ был хорошим. 

Сегодня я поняла, как завидую тем людям, которые живут в теплых странах и городах. Им очень повезло. Я не люблю мороз. А в моем городе сейчас очень холодно. 
Мне надоела  зима.


  1. love the picture!

  2. hi! of course I'll follow you! I really like your blog! xoxo

  3. Love the picture!!! I'm missing spring as well!!

    Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we could follow each other if you like?

  4. Of course! thanks for your comment
    i am following you

  5. I am sick of winter to! I want spring so bad! I love birds that sing! Thank you so much for your comment! I think it's very cool to have someone from an other country! I like your blog!


  6. thank you for comment! i think it's very cool too :) that's why i love blogging.


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